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8 Inches Ceramic Knife Chef with Gift box - Black

8 Inches Ceramic Knife Chef with Gift box - Black

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  • LIGHT AS A FEATHER: When holding our chef knife you will be glad it's so lightweight it doesn't feel like you're holding anything, because you'll have much more control when you're slicing things up.
  • SO SHARP IT'S SCARY: The chef’s knife needs blades to cut through anything like butter, plus each Japanese chef knife you'll get is ceramic so will stay that way 15 times longer than one made from steel.
  • A SPECIALLY DESIGNED GRIP: Once you feel comfortable holding the best chef knife we've ever created it will turn you from amateur to professional, and you'll not want to slide it into your chef knife sheath when you're done.
  • AS PURE AS SNOW: Everything in your new ceramic knife kit is rust-proof and easy to clean, plus our zirconia hard blades are impervious to anything in the kitchen they will ever come into contact with when you're cooking.
  • VERY FAST SLICING SPEED: Every chef knife set with sheath will let you cut through things like lightning, so it's no wonder we feel safe offering a 30-day money back guarantee. Click 'Add to Cart' now!

Shаrрnеѕѕ - Our ultrа-ѕhаrр аdvаnсеd сеrаmіс blade wіll rеtаіn іtѕ оrіgіnаl sharpness uр tо 10 tіmеѕ lоngеr thаn ѕtееl blаdеѕ.

Purіtу - Ruѕt-рrооf, wіll nеvеr brown fооdѕ, іmреrvіоuѕ tо асіdѕ аnd оіlѕ, nо mеtаllіс tаѕtе оr smell. Advаnсеd ceramic іѕ a рurе & hеаlthу alternative.

Lightweight - Tурісаllу hаlf thе wеіght оf mеtаl-bаѕеd knives, оffеrѕ tоtаl ease of use with the mоѕt dіffісult сuttіng tasks. Ergonomic hаndlеѕ produce a wеll-bаlаnсеd, highly соntrоllеd grip.

Product Information: 

  • Knife Dimensions - 12.5 * 1.9 * 0.3 inches
  • Package Dimensions - 14.1 * 3 * 1.2 inches


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Customer Reviews

Based on 263 reviews

Fantastic 8" knife and a fabulous addition to the 5 other Vos knives I have purchased. I would highly recommend this knife along with all the other Vos knives that are available.

Myron Williamson

This was good reasonably priced knive. It would make a good gift

Ben D. Driver
�Good knives for the money

This was good reasonably priced knive. It would make a good gift

�Typo on Box Tells you Quality to Expect

The knife arrives in a nice looking cardboard box labeled �Your Masterpice�. The misspelling on the box tells you exactly the quality level you are dealing with here. It�s fine, it chops well, but I do not expect it to last very long.

�Great product

Love the size, perfect for cutting veggies without browning.

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The Vos ceramic knives are dishwasher safe.

A word of caution: The ceramic blades are fragile and can easily chip or breakif you attempt to cut bone, frozen food or accidently drop the knife.


~ Excellence in performance

Our ultra-sharp blades provide superior functionality and greater precision for cutting fruit, chopping vegetables, and making sushi. Enjoy the skillful ease it provides for removing delicate skins or rinds, cutting thin strips for garnish, and other coring, slicing, trimming, and peeling activities.

~ Excellence in endurance

Our long-lasting ceramic blades sustain their original sharpness up to 15 times longer than their steel counterparts. Our high-quality craftsmanship helps ensure the longevity of our paring knives for versatile kitchen tasks.