Customer Reviews

Great Starter set of ceramic knives !!!

I LOVE ceramic knives!! I have several ceramic knives, and they are the only ones I use, they are vastly superior to MOST stainless steel knives. These is a nice set and these knives have some nice features! 
? I like the handles on these, they are not padded, but slightly textured , and very comfortable in my hand as my fingers feet in the shape nicely. ?The handles don't stop before the blade! I like that they curve down and cover the back of the blade! That is important with these ceramic knives, I have seen ones that do not cover the back of the blade and it is easy to get poked by the part. ?These all have covers for each blade and they fit on there well. These not only protect the blade, but protect hands from being cut while searching through the drawer! ?I like the ceramic peeler, it works well and this fit in my hand perfect.

John, Cherry hill, NJ, USA.


 Good Knives at a very reasonable price

I've never used a ceramic knife before so I was excited to try these. When I first took them out of the box, they looked like an extra large set of pretend knives. I wasn't sure what to expect. I do want to caution you - these knives are sharp. Don't be deceived by the "pretend" appearance and forget to use them with care. I had to keep reminding myself of this fact because they are colorful and look so "harmless." 
Using an apple, I tested the peeler first. It was sharp and peeled the skin off of of my apple easily. However, it did not have the precision of my regular peeler. It cut too deep into the apple so I lost more apple than I wanted to lose with each peel. I was unable to control the depth of the peeling as I can with my regular peeler. I included a photo of an apple peel taken with the ceramic peeler, next to one taken with my regular peeler for comparison purposes. 
Next, I tested the knives. I cut the apples into various slices. Then I cut the apples with my regular knives. The knives worked well and easily cut through the apple. But the ceramic knives didn't have the precision of my regular knives. With these knives, I wouldn't be able to cut thin slices with any consistency. But this doesn't matter if you are cutting an apple and then eating it. If you were preparing an apple pastry and needed thin, uniform slices, these ceramic knives would not be the best choice.

Merry, Bozeman, MT, USA


 A Professional quality large ceramic kitchen knife!

We have almost converted over to using all ceramic kitchen knives in our home. My wife loves them for their sharpness and ease of cleaning and cutting. Ceramic knives are extremely sharp and they are easy to clean. The ceramic is not porous and immune to oils, bacteria, rust and acids. She likes using them to cut up vegetables, fruits and boneless cuts of meat. 
This is a large knife and the blade itself is 8 inches long and 1 ¾ inches wide. The handle is easy to grip and there are thumb rests on the sides to improve your grip. The thumb grip areas are good for left and right handed people. Overall the knife is 12 ½ inches long with a large easy to grip handle. 
In the video we cut up a pear and a celery stick and the knife is as sharp as a razor. The knife comes in a nice gift box and it is a suitable gift for a family member or a friend that loves to cook. My wife loves it and she rated it at 5 stars.

Lily, Palm Springs, CA, USA


 Awesome, VERY sharp ceramic knife!

This knife is very well-balanced, and lightweight! I own a couple of stainless steel 8 inch chef's knives and they're all about twice as heavy as this. What that translates to is a knife that is an incredible slicer that won't tire out your hand or wrist. The balance point is right at the joint of the blade and handle, which is perfect. 

Sharpness right out of the box is great, and from what I understand...ceramic retains it's edge for a long time. 

I highly recommend this knife if you're looking for a ceramic blade for light slicing tasks.

Dina, San Diego, CA, USA


 Very sharp, easy to use, and comfortable to hold

This is the first ceramic knife I have ever owned or used. I have to admit, I was a little confused on reading the description how something could be rated so high on the hardness scale...and yet still be fragile and able to chip. But, I am always on the look for good knives...and I was eager to give ceramic a try. The knife came neatly presented in a form-fitting padded box. The handle is a bright, vibrant green; the blade is white with a metallic sheen. I can attest that the blade is very sharp! I sliced through fruits and vegetables with ease. Compared to my regular set of hardened stainless steel knives, this knife seemed to cut through things easier...with no tugging. It was also more lightweight to hold. I like knowing that it will not rust or turn foods brown (especially with lettuce). That is definitely a plus! The description says the knife is impervious to oils and acids; this has not been an issue for me even with steel knives...but good to know. I think this knife had performed very well for me, and it has definitely opened my eyes to the benefits of ceramic cutlery. I have read that ceramic knives stay sharper over time than stainless steel. I look forward to using it further and testing that out for myself!

Stacey, Appleton, WI, USA


 Nice & Sharp! GREAT for ALL Your Kitchen Cutting Needs!

It's hard to find a nice, sharp knife nowadays. However, I think I have finally found it!! I was quite impressed with how sharp this was being a ceramic blade vs. stainless steel. Knife itself came in a very nice storage box and the knife is lightweight and not heavy for being a large knife. I love the fact that it is rust proof because I've had several knives I've had to throw out due to them getting rusty. I am a huge kitchen person who is always cooking so a sharp, non rusted knife is an absolute must for me. 

The ergonomic handle is very nice and holds comfortably in my hand with a nice grip and did not slip at all. The ceramic blade will not absorb anything which is great. It also makes the knife very easy to clean and wash. This 8" knife worked great for cutting up my veggies, fruit and trimming my meat. Hubby and I don't like fat on our meat so I always trim it off which is now a piece of cake with this VOS knife. If the knife isn't sharp, it pulls and tears the meat sometimes and I don't get a clean cut and waste meat. Not anymore! Definitely loving this knife and highly recommend getting it!

Harvey, Boston, MA, USA



I am so pleased with this set of ceramic knives. The first thing I did was hold one of the knives up to the light, and sure enough, the blades are ceramic. The handles are easy to grip, and the bolster on the knife helps protect your fingers from the heel of the blade. The blades are sharp. I've used the knives for several days, and have been impressed with the ease which they have sliced our foods. They make food prep a pleasure again, and save time. One thing you should remember is that a ceramic knife is not to be used to slice hard objects such as bones. Also, one needs to be careful with the knives, and replace the sheath over the blade after each use. Otherwise, the blade can be chipped.

Ricardo, Barcelona, Spain.


 Very sharp knives

I bought these for my daughter who didn't own one sharp knife. She loves them and says they are very, very sharp. They also arrived very quickly after I ordered them and on a Sunday!! I am going to order a set for myself based on how much she liked them.

Marina, New York, NY, USA.


 Awesome I Love them

I bought these for my kitchen. I have always had normal knifes in my kitchen. Never ceramic. So I decided to purchase these. I ordered it using prime two day shipping and received my product in two days. I was so excited to get the box! When I opened it I wasn't disappointed. It came well package. After using it it a few times i found this to be a very high end and great quality product. I fell in love with it. I would highly recommend it to anyone. You will not disappointed. If you are looking for a High end and great quality product than this is for you! So happy with my purchase!

Manny, Chicago, IL, USA.


 One of the best ceramic Knives

I have only been using ceramic knives, for about a year and of my other ones, this is my favorite. This Professional Ceramic Chef Knife by Ventura, arrived in a very nice box with the knife nestled inside. This knife is well balanced and feel nice while using. The blade is made out of zirconia, and the blade measures 8 inchs, which if the perfect chef knife length. It is very sharp and made cutting my vegetables very easy. With this being ceramic, cutting thru bones in meat is not advised. I love the fact, that this blade will stay sharp for years to come.

Jan-Carsten, Berlin, Germany.