How to Smoke a Cocktail Like the Best Bartenders

Step 1:

Place the torch (included) atop a butane fuel canister (not included) and fill.

Step 2:

Pour your drink into the enclosed glass cup and place the smoke chimney chamber atop the glass cup.

Step 3:

Fill the smoke chimney with wood chips.

Step 4:

Face the torch away from your body and light the wood chips for a few seconds.

Step 5:

Close the torch. Place the chimney cap atop the smoke chamber. Let it sit for a few minutes to defuse the smoke down to the whiskey or bourbon.

If it does not start smoking, re-light the chips, wait a few seconds, and place the chimney cover to completely close the chamber until smoke begins forming inside the glass cup. 

This infusion will enhance the drink of your choice with a delicate smoky aroma.


Step 6:

Remove the smoke chamber, gently swirl the glass, and enjoy your drink!

 When you are finished, clean the metallic mesh filter with the enclosed brush.

Try our four different wood chip flavors: apple, cherry, hickory, and oak.