Cotton Candy

Enjoy your new Cotton candy maker!

Step 1: Setup and Preparation
Find a stable surface near an electrical outlet, ensuring your cord is away from any water sources. Utilize an extension cord if necessary.

Securely lock the bowl by turning it counterclockwise. Check that the grooves and pegs align properly.

Before plugging into the electrical outlet, make sure the appliance is in the "OFF" position.

Power up the machine and let it warm up for 2-4 minutes.

Step 2: Making the Cotton Candy

Pour one spoon of sugar (approximately 13g) into the sugar receptacle after turning off the machine. Then, switch the appliance back on.

Your OLD-FASHIONED COTTON CANDY MAKER will start spinning the sugar into cotton candy.

Once the cotton candy 'web' is visible, gather it onto a paper cone. Rotate the cone using your fingers while circling the bowl.

Move the cone to a horizontal position over the extractor head while continuing to rotate it. Move it side to side to fill it with cotton candy.

Turn off the appliance once all sugar has been spun into cotton candy. After the extractor head has fully stopped, pour another measure of sugar and start the process again.


Important Tips

  • For the best results, let the machine run for at least 2 minutes before starting.
  • Only add sugar to the extractor head after it has completely stopped.
  • Never use ingredients other than pure granulated sugar to prevent clogging.
  • Avoid overfilling the sugar receptacle.
  • After five servings of cotton candy, let the machine cool down for 5 minutes.


Cleaning Instructions

  • Unplug the appliance and let it cool before cleaning.
  • After the appliance has cooled, pull the extractor head straight up to remove it.
  • Unlock and remove the bowl by turning it clockwise.
  • Clean the extractor head and bowl with warm water. Rinse and dry afterward..
  • For easier cleaning, disassemble the OLD-FASHIONED CARNIVAL COTTON CANDY MAKER into the cart body, bowl, and extractor head.


Savor the delicious, fluffy cotton candy made with your OLD-FASHIONED CARNIVAL COTTON CANDY MAKER!