What so special in a Ceramic Knife?

What so special in a Ceramic Knife?

Whenever we look into purchasing a knife we typically look at stainless steel options because that’s all we’ve ever heard of. But there is another option besides steel for you to consider, ceramic. Which has recently seen a surge of recognition in the public eye as one of the best alternatives to the stainless steel kitchen knife. And don’t let the name ceramic fool you, they are viable options for those looking for a sharp and long-lasting knife. Here is a list of some reasons why you should consider a ceramic knife.

A knife’s blade and sharpness can make or break a good knife. A stainless steel knife will lose its sharpness rather quickly and you have to deal with sharpening it often. It isn’t the same deal with a ceramic knife because they last for years without losing it’s sharpness. Which is rather impressive the you think of the time saved not-sharpening a bad and just the fact that it lasts for years. Let’s put it this way, if you bought an laptop and a ceramic knife now, you would have to buy a new laptop before you would even have to think about sharpening the knife.

But wait theres more! Does ceramic rust? Strange question with no context so think about it this way, a stainless steel knife is prone to rusting while a ceramic knife does not. You might wonder how this happens and I can answer that quickly for you, it doesn’t have any metallic properties for oxygen and water to cause rust. Which means you won;t have to worry about buying a new knife because of that pesky rust.


Ceramic knives are very lightweight, especially in comparison o other knife options. Due to the lightweight you can do the tasks of chopping and cutting extensively without dealign with strain or hand fatigue. Not a bad thing to consider.


Ceramic knives are remarkably easy to clean and clear away an debris. This stems from the fact that they have tinier pores than ceramic material and will not hold onto dirt as much as steel. What this means is basically they are easier to clean than steel.

It might sound perfect to buy for yourself or a cooking enthusiast friend but there is one thing you have to keep in mind when you are considering purchasing one. They are brittle. Which means two things really. One, they will break a lot easier than a steel knife. In fact dropping them in the sink to be cleaned may break them. And the you break one it isn’t an easy fix, you’ll have to buy a whole new knife. Secondly, while they stay sharp longer, when they do dull they are harder to regain that sharpness and edge. In fact you may need to go to someone who can actually sharpen it without breaking it. Like I said, they’re brittle. So now that you know the pros and cons you can make an informed decision about this alternatives to the steel knife.

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