Lightweight Ceramic Knives

Lightweight Ceramic Knives

ecuperating your Food Experience


Every individual has certain responsibilities and duties that they perform on a daily basis. Cooking is one such thing that is done on a routine basis at every household. People who make the food are considered to be the lifelines of the home. When due to any disease the cook of the house or any individual involved in cooking is not able to perform his duties well, it depresses the person and makes him feel helpless. Rheumatoid Arthritis is one such disease which causes severe stiffness and pain in the joints and lead to degradation of bones with deformation. People, who suffer from this disease, find a lot of difficulty in cooking and doing other household chores.  Cutting vegetables, holding tumblers, holding heavy pans and containers all tend to be tough tasks for patients suffering from the condition.


 Go Light

The solution for making everyday tasks easier for patients, suffering from the disease would be to replace their existing tools with lighter versions. The first thing that one can do is to replace the normal steel knife with ceramic knives, as they tend to be easy on weight and are sharper, thus reduces a lot of effort required to cut vegetables. These knives are also hygienic as they can be cleaned very easily.  Using food processor is also a good option to reduce labor. When patients chop vegetables, less grip in the hands tends to make the chopper board slide; in order to reduce it one can opt for a damp towel, to be kept under the chopping board or use an anti-slip pad to make the surface less slippery. Bottle openers, should be kept handy or alternatively a plain ring in the finger can be used to open cans and bottles with less hand strength. Slicers can be used to cut eggs, mushroom and fruits alike. Cushioned mats or anti- fatigue mats for standing can be a good option as it will reduce the burden on the legs   and make it less painful. Reorganizing the kitchen, with ease of accessibility, can be very helpful as it will reduce a lot of bending and unnecessary body movements like stretching, thereby reducing pain. Replacing the old large containers with lighter small containers will make cooking an enjoyable experience. Using adaptive cutlery like spoons, forks, dish, and bowls, especially made for people having poor grip can be effectively used to gain better effectiveness while working.


Living it out

It is not easy to live a life with pain all over the joints, but one can fight through odds and be efficient in reaching near perfection by making small lifestyle changes. A little tweak like using angled cutlery knife which is light in weight can be very useful during painful outbreaks. Magnetic tools like a set of spoons or cups can be can be stuck on any metal, for ease of use. Using portable and pans with better grip handles can also be used with confidence. Easy open containers can also prevent a lot of damage and pain for rheumatoid arthritis patients.

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