Ceramic Knife Advantages

Ceramic Knife Advantages

When you hear the word “ceramic”, delicate items such as china saucers and flowered teapots are the first things that come to your mind. Until you have seen our new Vos Ceramic Chef Knife. The blade is the most important part of the knife and for more than 2,000 years steel has been the only used material in knives.

The ceramic material of knives are usually light weight but considered as the second hardest material after diamonds. The knives made out of ceramic are sharp and can easily and effortlessly cut fruits, vegetables, and boneless meat. Some of the benefits of the Ceramic Chef Knife are:

Sharpness: the knives are sharp and don’t wear out easily. They don’t require sharpening for many years and if they do need to be sharpened, we will do it for no added cost.
No nasty odor: unlike a steel knife, the ceramic knife may not rust, pit, or leave a metallic taste in the mouth. It will also prevent odors from transferring from one food to another. Cut something spicy; give the knives a quick rinse and move on to cutting the other item.
Hygienic: The ceramic blades are dense with few pores. Similar to your face, the fewer pores there are, the less dirt and grime will accumulate in them. The ceramic knife requires a quick rinse in the warm water for a thorough cleaning.
Weight: The ceramic knives are lightweight and the lighter the weight is, the less strain on your arms and shoulders to help you cut like a pro.

Should you replace the ceramic knives with the traditional steel knives?

Of course not! The ceramic knives are a nice addition to your selection of knives and can be used to slice fruits, vegetables, and boneless meat. For everything else there is your traditional steel knife. You still need the steel blades to cut frozen foods, bones, cheese, and anything else that is not easily sliced. The ceramic blades are fragile and can easily chip or break if you attempt to cut bone, frozen food or accidently drop the knife.

A word of caution: Since the knives are sharp, you should store them in a protective sheath or proper container to avoid being cut.

The Vos 8 inch Ceramic Chef Knife is an ideal addition to your existing cutleries. The knife offers a total ease-of-use in the most difficult slicing task. The VOS ceramic chef knife comes in a beautiful gift box and a complimentary PDF cookbook. Buy yours now here!

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